Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, hey! Did you venture here from Stuff Christians Like? I'm glad you stopped by! Here are some highlights from my site thus far. Have fun!

Women's Bible Study: A Quiz Are you of the firm belief that Holiday sequin sweaters and quilted Bible covers are frightening? Are you convinced that not near enough women's ministry events serve wine coolers? This is the post for you.

How To Break The Rules In Bible College & Mr. Salvation Pants - feeding you Bible College curiosity, one mocking post at a time

Finding God: A Reason To Praise - short, sweet and to the point reasons why God's in the small stuff that we often overlook

Since When Are Men Stupid? - Boink! The sound of me getting up on my soap box to defend marriage and men who get thrown under the bus.

Rewriting Song Lyrics from the 80s - People For the Ethical Treatment of Wham

Good Taste, Pigs Feet & 1-888-RU-My-DAD? - Come see what happens when we go grocery shopping in Kentucky. I'll warn you - it's funny. If you're going to pee your pants, you'll have to go outside. This is Kentucky. We only have running water every other day.

And since you're here, why not add your name to the list of super cool people who rock my blog? We have a great time. So come join the party. As you read, remember, I do have standards. It's just that I forgot where I put them.

O-~ (meaning "I think your youth pastor somkes crack"),



Sonnet Alyse said...

Yep, I did indeed wander over from SCL. You rock! That post was hilarious. Thanks for sharing your insight and sarcasm. The world is a wittier place for it.

Anonymous said...

Stacy, I was very impressed. And had to work really hard to not laugh so loudly that I'd wake up my 5 year old.

Well played, indeed!

Ann Marie said...

haha! I wandered over from SCL too! your posts are great and I enjoyed your guest-blogging on SCL!

bridget said...

Oh my goodness Stacy. I just now had internet long enough to read your post over on SCL (congrats, by the way!) and I almost peed my pants in the nice, comfy Starbucks chair. Thank you for reaffirming my conviction NOT to get married while at Houghton! A friend and I used to joke freshman year that you had to declare a spouse before they would let you declare a major. I'm glad to know there are people in the world who get married even after graduating from christian schools unattached. You give me hope, Stacy!
Side hugs!

The Beverage Snob said...

you are my new blogging hero (move aside, Jon Acuff). thank you for existing.

Raw Faith Real World said...

I got this email from one of my friends who I suggested read your blog. I thought I would share the love...

"I just read her blog from 8/14 about Women's Bible Study: A Quiz. I laughed so hard I almost had an accident. Seriously, I'm suprised the neighbors didn't knock on the wall. I haven't laughed that hard since.............. I don't remember. I really like her."