Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stacy LOVES Kids Eat 4 Free

If I find a good thing I'm going to pass it on to you. I'm not getting paid to endorse this, I'm telling you about it because it's FANTASTIC!....

You're gonna love this: Kids Eat 4 Free

We all know going out to eat is super expensive, especially when you consider most kids meals cost $5 or more. If you've got more than one child it adds up fast. But what if you were able to eat out at restaruants where kids eat free?

I love this site because it's a FREE service with a huge database for tons of restaurants all over the U.S. where kids eat for free or for $1 or less! Awesome! And when you travel and have to eat out you can use your mobile phone ( and find restaurants no matter where you are.

Bookmark it into your computer. Program it into your mobile device. I guarantee, you'll be glad you did.

Where will your kids eat free tonight?!


Amanda Mae said...

While I do not have any kids, this website did lead me to find out that there is a Jim Bob's Christian Chicken in Woodstock, a mere 40 minutes from my house, and I am stoked!

Ellen said...


I plugged in my city to find out where we could head over the weekend and discovered....

My kids can eat free at HOOTERS on Sundays!!!

How hysterical is that! Can't you just see us going in there in our church clothes with a bulletin tucked under my arm.

"Non-smoking please, oh, and my husband would just love to help you carry that high chair over here."

Dan Lewis said...
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Dan Lewis said...

that url also looks like it could say "kid seat 4 free"