Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where Is Stacy? And A Big Secret

The remnants of Hurricane Ike passed right through Louisville with 80 mph winds. There are over 200,000 homes in Louisville without power since Sunday. There is more damage to the city than in over 30 years of tornadoes. Businesses are closed, gas stations are out of gas, street lights don't work, schools are closed. Luckily, we still have power and no trees down in our yard, which separates us from most.The city needs help, especially since we sent many relief workers to New Orleans and the Houston area. We had 13 friends over to our house for dinner and a cell phone/laptop charging party last night, which was fun.

I'll post again later today so check back then. I got some crazy that's ready to hit the screen but I gotta go be mom first - schools are closed for the week! (PRAY!) Readers, I love you for how you support my site. You haven't been forgotten!!!

Before I get my son out of time out I'll let you in on a secret. Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like is going out of town Wednesday. Guess who's doing a guest blog on his site? Come on! Guess! I know who it is but I'm not going to tell. Let's just say that on Thursday I'll meet you at SCL and we'll see what happens.

More later, I promise!!


teamstrand said...

hey bff...i'm shooting you an email as well. so sorry for all of you. thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

If you need some Arbonne to make you feel better, I'll send you some. I'm in an Arizona bubble and it doesn't rain, so it's hard to imagine it raining anywhere else. Can't wait to see your SCL post!!!! Please tell me you will have wireless by then. The response will be too much for your dial-up connection.

Glenna said...

I'm glad you guys made it through Ike ok. I can't believe the damage he caused, just like a guy isn't it..

Let's see, who would be doing a guest post on SCL......hum.... ;)

sara said...

Praying for you and Louisville! And WAY excited for Wednesday!!

Shawna said...

Thanks Stacy!
I too am excited for Wednesday...sometimes it's your comments that bring the second wind of laughter :)

As for the winds...we're in DFW and we received an email from our electric company warning us about possible power outtages. I wasn't worried until then - ha!

Long story short - we got nothin'. Some steady rain, but light rain at that. Our grass was happy, but all our preparation was silly.

Enjoy your week with the kids...they grow SO fast!

Marie said...

I saw your comment on SCL about your kids and the ice cream truck and laughed hysterically. I had to see who this funny person was!

Joanna said...

oh dear. That doesn't sound like fun! hope you're doing OK