Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SFL has lots of readers in SE Texas & I care about what is happening to you. If you are from the HOUSTON/GALVISTON area and are able to get Internet access, I would love it if you would update me as to how things are going for you. You can leave a comment or send a personal e-mail. Know that if you send an e-mail I will not publish what you say; personal mail is treated as such. Know that you are being prayed for and are not forgotten. If there is anything Stacy From Louisville readers can do, beyond prayer, to help with relief efforts, please let me know.

Love and Prayers in Christ,


jamie in rose cottage said...

I am not in Texas, just stopping in because to tell you I loved your comment on SCL today. So, thanks!

Tiffany said...

My brother lives in the Houston area. He and his family are fortunate enough to have electricity, but the VAST majority of people do not (including his neighbors across the street).

Don't know if you have any connection with an ice company, but I know the residents on the Texas gulf are begging for it.

daphne said...

Amen! After the minor issues I went through, I am sooOOo praying for all affected by Ike. Grace & Peace, daphne

Steve said...

I stopped by from SCL. You are even funnier than Jon!

I live in Friendswood in Galveston county about half way between Galveston and Houston.

We are doing well and things are slowly getting back to normal. Gasoline, milk, and eggs are all still hard to get but we have electricity and water.

I had pretty minor damage at my place, and really thoughout my neighborhood. The folks about a mile on either side of me did not fare so well. Lots and lots of large trees down, roofs damaged etc.

I am also a seminary grad, and a preacher that owns zero polyester clothing, never had a faux hawk or pumas, and I wear mostly jeans...

My blog is not as entertaining as yours but stop by if you want...

Janie said...

I'm so glad Jon pointed us to his female alter-ego. It's good you both use your sarcastic humor-powers for good.

Love your perspective, Stacy. I'm a native Louisvillian (pronounced like I have marbles in my mouth) transplanted to South Florida. I was home last month for my 20 year HS reunion from PRP, where we celebrated our big hair and the fact that the smoking area was the most popular hangout on campus.

You're in my bloglines. I look forward to tuning in.

another lisa said...

just got back online last night. have been reading/ catching up. about a million folks in houston area still have no power, which affects water too.
bayous aren't overflowing, but they do have raw sewage in some, as treatment plants don't have power.
rural areas hit hard, and no power, but also old neighborhoods w/ 200 yr old trees. one old neighborhood of about 400 homes lost 1 of every 2 trees!
lots of powerpole climber-types are here from florida and san antonio, and trucks have been driving ice in from new jersey.
it's not katrina, but parts of galveston are gone, scorched earth gone. looters were coming in to the damaged homes & businesses by boat, but that's better now.
pls pray for us to not be weary, and to show jesus' love to others. the salvation army has been 10 times the presence of fema or red cross or anyone. they've been partnering w/ local churches and temples and mosques, cleaning up roadways and cooking for 100's. give to them if you want, and pray for us to be a witness, because this is not over, and for some families it'll be a year or more before life is "normal" again.
thanks for the prayers; we esp. felt them when the "cold front" blew in. 3 days of below normal temps really blessed us all. my youngest said "we've got god's air conditioning."