Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Shout Out For My Friend Jon & Ode To Stuff Christians Like

Jon Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, let me rock his blog yesterday. His site gets about 3.4 gazillion hits a day, making it slightly more popular than SFL, but that's fine with me. If you've been reading SCL for any length of time you know that awesomeness rains down like bazooka gum from a pinata. That's right, he's the Sultan of Sarcasm. Given his rock star status it's really cool for a chick (who graduated single from Bible college!) like me to be invited to post while he is out of town. It was a blast. Thanks Jon. If you didn't catch it surf my link back to SCL and enjoy.

On another note, Jon is the key note speaker today (Friday) at Ministrycom08. He's speaking on the topic "Storytelling". On his site, Jon asked for prayers for what he's sharing and that his head won't swell too much from all the hype. So, Stacy From Louisville readers, since we're an unofficial spin off of SCL, let's remember to pray for him today. He's getting a chance to share what's going on in his blog's journey and he's getting some computer-free God time while he's away. Prayers for him and his family would mean so much!

In honor of the SCL readers who were so darn nice to me yesterday, and to Jon who was crazy enough to bail me out of the comments section on SCL for just one spectacular day, I give you...

SFL's Ode to Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like
I heart you so much
You taught Christians how to side hug
So crotches don't touch

With skittles from heaven
And tankinis galore
We muse revival leg drops
And pot lucks of yore

Cow bell is fantastical
Is your fanny pack new?
Let's argue about beer
Then scream, "I mission trip love you!"

Put your arm in the orange drink
Then stir it around
There's interpretive dance in worship
And teens miming downtown

Scary elder makes me nervous
There's pocket candy in my pants
Making purple is delightful
So skip the Christian Cheers and chants

OK...This is where I'm going to stop. You take it from here and finish it out any way you see fit. Come one, it's your moment to shine and love on SCL...


sam said...

alas.. my skills are not as refined as yours.. i got nothing.

My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving said...

If you don't get enough wit
from the SCL sage
Check out Stacy's sarcasm
on the comments page!


Carroll said...

great post on SCL! I've got another blog to read religiously now...

Anonymous said...

Tattos are a sin
or maybe they're not
It all depends
On which translation you got

Our Worship Leader has a wonderful look,
He studied and studied from the metrosexual book.
The things he wears I know not why;
though I bet when he was in college he was known as The Guitar Guy.

Some call them pot luck dinners
Others say pot blessings
From whose house did they come?
It's not worth the second guessing.

The VBS Cartel
Holds the key to the inner sanctum.
When they teach you the secret handshake,
Just be sure to thank them.

We're taking a mission trip,
the Preacher said from the podium.
I hope I'm on the cool van,
I better pack some Immodium.

Whether you like ultimate frisbee,
Or the parking lot water slide,
Just remember it's always legal
To scream like a worship eagle.

So add SCL to your favorites,
and don't forget SFL too.
And maybe in their sarcastic smack,
They will heart (and leg drop, and side hug and razzle dazzle) you back.


Thanks for letting us play along.

michael said...

I wouldn't booty God booty
For it's not that cool
Did your mom teach you that
In your homeschool?

I bet you didn't know
That Jesus played sports
But only the ones
Of the American sorts.

When it comes to your driving,
Go the speed limit, not quicker.
They'll know you're a Christian
By your fish bumper sticker.

It's my time to go
So I'll bid you adieu
Let me close with this,
I'll pray for you.

Sunny said...

But before I go
One thing you should know:
To be a true SCL fan,
Get the shirt, yes, you can.

Others will know by the leg drops,
Skittle-catching skills, mad props
to the Bible Sword Drill,
Eagle screetch, although shrill.

SCL fans of the world unite
With all of your might
Show Jesus in you,
Just throw in sarcasm too!

Okay, I tried....I really tried! This was fun, Stacy!

Shawna said...

Why wasn't I born a poet?

I'm somewhat sad.
Somewhat confused.

But thankfully by you, I'm often amused!

HEY!! I did it!!!