Thursday, September 4, 2008

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

OK, maybe not exactly "technical" difficulties, but Momicla difficulties if you know what I mean. But there's hope for both of us on the horizon: Today is preschool, a day when the heavens open up and sing, giving me some time off. And a chance to catch up with you, and I have a lot to say today. So prepare yourself.

I swear if I get a phone call that someone is throwing up and needs to come home early I will move out. But not until after tomorrow, which is pay day.

If you say my son is adorable I might have to agree but take more meds all at the same time. I'm a walking quagmire, people.

While you're here why don't you add yourself to my list of "Really Cool People Who Rock My Blog"? You know I appreciate you. You're the only ones who don't tune me out after 2 sentences. Or maybe you do. Either way, it's a super fantastical way to get your mug out there for all the world to see. Who knew you were this famous???

It's not very technical. When you're done you can call your parents. Tell them the college tuition was well spent.

Catch ya later....


Glenna said...

I'm added :)

vanilla said...

"Wow. That sounds like a real train wreck. Your life must really suck. I hate that for you."

[pats on the back]

sara said...

I have a one year old and a two year old. I am looking preschool in the face here in the next few years with mixed feelings...sometimes I want to call around and see if I can bribe the local preschools into taking two still-diapered toddlers NOW (usually after the one year old has eaten something she shouldn't have and the two year old is simultaneously throwing a fit because I dared to say, "No, you may not jump off the couch!"). Then in the next minute, the thought of sending my babies off somewhere during the day, even for a few hours, makes me gasp for air and want to lock them in the house where surely they will stay little forever. AAAHHH! Motherhood!

Anonymous said...

Another famous Stacy (Eldredge) was interviewed a few years ago and was asked something about mothering. Her answer has become one of my favorite reminders to myself: "These are the longest days, but the shortest years". So true.

BTW, I spent Thursday snapping at my kids...and as we entered the fifth hour of schoolwork (that could/should have been finished in two) I was online looking up every possible schooling option in our area. If I had and extra $10,000 laying around I probably would have enrolled both my daughters immediately. Sigh.

Longest days, shortest years.

Thanks for the laughter you bring in the midst of it!