Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finding God: A Reason To Praise

There are some days when it seems like I can't get my hands high enough in the air to praise God. Days when I see Him all around me. When there's no miracle too small for me to notice He's in it.

He shows His love in small ways that I would miss if I weren't looking to find Him in it. He's in the laughter of my son when he runs to me just because he's too happy to keep life to himself. He's in the coolness of morning that reminds me that fall is right around the corner. He's in the reckless abandon of my desire to love my Dad, regardless of what fractures there have been in our relationship. He's in everything, just begging for me to acknowledge Him.

Most of all, I find Him remindind me to stop running away from Him, to turn around, and run back to Him.

Because God is all around me, I know I'm not alone. I know I'm loved beyond understanding. I know that though some situations are bigger than me, nothing is bigger than Him. He's awesome. He's in everything. He loves me. And I love Him back.

He's in His Word.
He's above my praise.
He's around my house.
He's about changing my life.
He's the rays of the sun that break through the trees.
He's telling me to get off the computer and play with my son!!
He's everywhere. He's everything.
He's jealous for my praise. He has every right to be. Because no one will ever love me more completely or satsify my soul.

Now it's your turn. In what ways is God all around you today? Where have you found Him lately? Let's remind each other to find Him in places we may have forgotten about until now.

God bless you today!


Alison said...

Love it -thanks for the reminder!

He's in the friends and family He blesses me with!
He's in the outcome...even if I don't know what it is going to be yet.
He's in the healing I'm not sure is possible.
He's in the smile, hugs, and laughter of my 3 year old niece!

Shaybplus3 said...

He's in the messy house I am GOING to get clean today because He blesses me with a home and a family to take care of...

He's in the laughter of my husband as we laugh together at our beautiful babies...

What a lovely post and thought!
Thanks Stacy,

Ranee said...

I just wanted you to know that you are not the only blog stalker. I followed you here from SCL. :)

Also, I've given you an award on my blog. You can read about it here.

eireann said...

He's in my husband, who was ticked at me for some stupid thing yesterday morning and then instantly forgot it all and was so concerned when he found out i slipped and fell on the stairs that morning. what an amazing man.

He's also right here in your blog that makes me smile every day!

[i'm also a blog stalker who followed you from scl and i wish i could give you an award like ranee, but i'm obviously not that awesome. :) ]

Johna in Indiana said...

What a blessing this post is! Thank you for the reminder that God is everywhere.

On another note, I always see your comments on SCL, and noticed you were from Louisville. I live just across the river in Corydon, Indiana - so... HOWDY NEIGHBOR!!

P.S. Praying for your dad

Miss Hannah said...

God showed up at my Weight Watchers meeting last night (or rather, I finally noticed Him there), which was a welcome surprise.

Lady Arbonne said...

I'm going to look for Him at Blockbuster. I'm thinking about Anne of Green Gables for my wounded, touchy, hurt, angry heart. She reminds me that it's ok to be me, and God loves me just the way I am - even if I'm just too much for some.

I third the vote for an award. The presidential election is coming up, I think I'll vote for you.

Lady Arbonne said...

Found God in Narnia. (no Anne at my lame-o blockbuster) Also found God in the miracle of my 2 yr old snuggling up next to me in my bed in under the covers snuggle bliss for an hour while I watched! Smelly little boys are a bit of heaven. One last moment was the hour I spent on a conference call with my parents and husband, receiving wise counsel from them on some issues we are facing in our church. I am so blessed, and God rescued me today!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

He was in my workplace today - controlled chaos of patients in a busy clinic with some of the best and brightest nurses to walk this earth on my team. He was there. Nobody had a meltdown - until the chaos was over. Then I praised Him - very loudly with my office door closed and with a few tears. Thanks for asking. I needed to remember this again tonight.

Helen said...

He is in the humorous quips of the people around me and in the blogusphere. People for the Ethical Treatment of Wham....?

Stacy from Louisville said...

I laughed out loud when I read your comment. Seriously. Thank you for finding me and forcing me to contemplate PFTETOW.

Gabriele said...

I'm another blog stalker. I love your quirky sense of humor!

God is in the storm we had tonight in Tucson ~ dark clouds with tremendous lightning, a full and bright rainbow, and the setting sun...all at the same time. So gorgeous!

Stacy from Louisville said...

I lived in Mesa for 5 years and I know exactly what you're talking about! You're right, it's stunning when the desert takes on a life of its own. Thank you for commenting. It's reminding me I can find God even in the weather, in the desert, over 5 years ago. Cool.

Tricia said...

Thanks for the reminder.

I saw Him today...I had a bad morning, just in some kind of a funk lately. Well, I had a conversation with our choir director (I am a section leader so we were talking about choir). Well, it all spilled out on her lap...she was so amazing. She just listened, prayed with me, and then told me should would keep me accountable. God was in that today and my whole attitude changed. What an awesome God we serve!!

Tobyhanna, PA