Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh! Ah! SFL Trash Can of Terrific Sneek PeeK

Here it is my friends, The Trash Can of Terrific, in all its glory. Notice the "Hottie" magnet thrown in to sweeten the whole deal. And there are more surprises awaiting you. Really makes you want to come up with another reason to love Idaho, doesn't it? Well, it's not too late! There's still time for you to post to your heart's content. I do have some bad news, though. When I went to the store to purchase the trash cans they were out and I had to settle for a pencil cup. But don't hate on me. God's favorite desk accessory, next to your senior picture of course, is a pencil cup. That's where He keeps His long feathery writing plume and parchment post its. Oh, and another thing, I decided to change the rules - instead of 2 prize levels, they're all top notch Trash Cans of Terrific! I'm just so excited that I had to share the love and go a little overboard with my first giveaway. I hit nearly every clearance bin Wal-Mart had to offer - only the best of the best for SFL readers!!!

Contest ends tonight at midnight, eastern standard time. Get your thinking cap on and let's love on Idaho!!!!

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Skerrib said...

Is Eastern Standard time the same as Central Daylight time? I'm just trying to contemplate whether or not my last comment made it into the batch in time. I keep forgetting where I am, which is the Mountain time zone, so I think I'm good. At least, I hope I am. Curse your cryptic contest rules, Stacy from Louisville!