Thursday, September 4, 2008

Super Sarcastic Comment of the Day

And the award goes to....

Blogger Vanilla said...
Wow. That sounds like a real train wreck. Your life must really suck. I hate that for you."

[pats on the back]

Vanilla, you tracked me down in the comments section at Stuff Christians Like. You took my sass mouth comment and used it against me. Way to dish it, Brother!

Hopefully you're not appalled by having your rugged mug featured on this here blog. The world is a better place today because of Vanilla. Rock on.

Who knows who will be exploited on my blog tomorrow? Sass me and maybe, if you're lucky, it'll be you. I've got nothin' but love for you, readers. Nothin' but love.

p.s. I have learned how to make a link! I think I just tipped the scales of the universe. Woah. The power.


daphne said...

I SOO thought Vanilla deserved an award. His comment was so cherry! Thats what Im talkin bout Vanilla!

Joanna said...

yep, that was certainly pretty awesome!

vanilla said...

Thanks, and kudos to you, Stacy. Game well played. May each of your days be better than the previous one.

Mhari Dubh said...


My friend who is a teacher who responds to sass with, "okay sassafrass..." or, "don't you sassafrass me". I want to get that to be my go to for jr. high kids I teach.

Hossam said...

greetings from EGYPT,
i love ur blog
c u
bye bye