Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop

The first cassette tape I ever had was Thriller by Michael Jackson. I was less than 10 and very confused by Billie Jean, but I played it loud - from my ghetto blaster. (The term "ghetto blaster" horrified my mother. "We don't say 'ghetto' in this house," she said. "We say 'poorer part of town'." As if I wasn't already confused enough over the true gender of Boy George, now I had to say 'Poorer Part Of Town Blaster'. ) I remember walking through Penny's with my mom begging her for a knock off red leather jacket. The most I got was white socks that I could hopefully hose down with glitter hairspray and wear them with my grey parachute pants. Even then I was fashion forward.

But I was never a fan of the crotch grabbing. I do not endorse such behavior. Just so we're clear.

Today I'm saying good bye to the King of Pop. His music was a real force in my life. For that reason I'll never forget him.

Did Michael Jackson's mucic influence you? What song was your favorite?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't Read My Site Today

If you haven't ventured to SCL today let me help you out: Prayer Requests. So far well over 40 people have listed some pretty heavy issues that need intercession. Scroll through the comments, pray for someone. If you want to you can try to contact that person and let them know you care.

Thanks so much guys!

For the Kingdom,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chikety China & Morgan Freeman

I know it's kind of multiple personalityish of me to throw random clips on my blog without much explanation. What can I say? Sometimes you gotta go with your gut. In this case I gots a hankerin' for some chikety China the Chinese chicken. Apparently I'm not the only one. Morgan Freeman, who is the jam, has a voice that rocks my casaba. Second only to James Earl Jones, I'd watch PBS if he'd explain it to me. But it gets better. What do you think of this:

Now let's compare it to the original. But, first, I must say I could boogaloo my sweet tuckas right into eternity dancing to this song. Not that Christians are supposed to dance, or like music that sounds like it's sung in a nervous fit of Lithium withdrawl. I guess we all have an Achilles Heel and this is mine. Do I apologize for planting it squarely in your head and annoying the crap out of you while you're trying to concentrate on your work? No, not at all. (In the video I'm the chick with the blonde hair.)

What song get stuck in your head? What's your favorite song ever? (Besides pipe organ hymns, of course.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joke of the Day

Two old men are sitting on a bench in a city park. They're bored.

One says to the other, "What should we do today?"

The other replies, "How much money do you have?"

They both rummage through their pockets and come up with $4 and some change.

The first one says, "We can't do much with $4. Maybe we should just go home."

The other, excited, replies, "No! Let's go buy a box of tampons!"

"Tampons! What are we going to do with tampons?"

"Haven't you seen those TV commercials? With tampons we can run, and hike and swim, even go dancing. We need some tampons!"
Your turn. Leave your joke in the comments section.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Ricki Lake Show Prank

My junior year of college I called the Ricki Lake Show. They were looking for show ideas and people willing to guest star. The recorded prompt instructed me to leave a my name, contact info, and a general message. Game on.

In my best white trash voice I said, "Ricki! I need your help up in here. My husband wears boxers that are full of tiger stripes. His pajamas used to be his dad's and he died 13 years ago. Ain't that freaky? His briefs got holes and stains, too. WOOH! And the gas! I NEED YOU RICKI! Please give my husband a bedroom makeover!!" Then I left my mom's name and phone number, being sure to ask Ricki to call me back ASAP.

Several days later I got a call in my dorm room. It was my mom. The conversation went something like this.

Mom: (all business) Stacy Ann! What did you do?

Me: Hi Mom! What's going on? (innocently, of course)

Mom: Did you call the Ricki Lake Show?

Me: The Ricki Lake Show? That show is such trash, Mom. You should just stick to Oprah.

Mom: This is NOT funny. A producer from the Ricki Lake Show just called me, asking about your father's underwear habits.

Me: Really? Did you tell the truth? (at this point I'm barely able to hold it together)

Mom: Do NOT call strange TV shows and give them our phone number. I have no desire to go on national TV and have your father get some sexy makeover.

I don't remember how the conversation ended. I think I had to promise not to ever do it again. I kept that promise, too. I never called Ricki Lake again. But Jenny Jones, well, that's another story.

To this day all I have to say to my sister is "Ricki" and we both bend over laughing like it just happened. But we only try to do that when it's a holiday because some stories are too good to not include the entire family, don't you think?

Surely you've made your share of prank calls. Tell me about your best ones. How old were you? Who was the victim? Details, people. I need details.