Monday, January 19, 2009

A Sister Is a Best Friend Who Won't Go Away

I was 15 months old when my sister, Lisa, came into the world. My instincts tell me I was not excited about the gift of a sister. She was less than two weeks old when my mom put her in a bassinet for a nap. The bassinet was lovely, skirted in white ruffles, mounted on wheels and approximately 24 inches from the ground. My mom only turned her back for a moment, just long enough for me to push the bassinet and my sister out of her room, down the hall, and into the living room, where I pushed it over will all my might. My sister flew into the air, but she was okay; the glass corner of the coffee table broke her fall. From there she was taken right back to the hospital she came from - for stitches across her left eyebrow. Imagine my toddlerhood disappointment when she came back. Today when my mom tells this story she is still horrified. My sister and I, however, don't remember it, which seems like such a shame.

That's right. I've got a sister. Compared to me she's 14% funnier but 31% less insane.

When I told her I was going to write about her to celebrate her birthday she said she didn't care. When I asked if I could use pictures she immediately ask, "Can you swear to me that I will look thinner than you in all of them?" I said yes. Of course I lied, but don't blame me. She should know better than to trust me.

This is us. She is 3 and I am 4. Aren't we cute? This picture is proof that at one point in our lives we could rock the short shorts. Doesn't she look happy? You would be too if I was your sister. Trust me. Oh, look! I'm telling her a secret! Let's listen in: "You better give me your cookie. We've still got that bassinet. Don't make me hurt you."

When we moved into a larger house I was 6 and she was 5. In the basement was a laundry room. That's where she actually agreed to let me put her in the dryer and turn it on. I didn't close the door though because that would have been mean. I just turned the dryer on and watched her spin around. After about 1.3 revolutions she decided it wasn't such a good idea. I never remember thinking it wasn't a good idea. Even to this day.

This is a picture of us the day I graduated from high school. My mom said, "Smile like you really like each other." That's when she jumped up on me. Not many things in my life are idyllic. But I could not have picked a better sister. We are friends, which means when we fall we will help each other up. But we are also sisters, meaning that we have to point and laugh before helping the other one up. That's just how we roll.

She was the maid of honor at my wedding. Before I got married I told her that if she was going to stand up with me I always wanted her to tell me the truth, no matter what. So about 5 years ago, when Dan and I hit a very low point, I called her. She lived 2 hours north of me. I told her I was coming to her house to spend the night because Dan and I were arguing. She said, "You can come over. We can pray together. But you can't spend the night. You belong with your husband, not here." That is when she moved from best friend status to once-in-a-lifetime friend status. She told me the truth, I didn't like it, but today I'm still married and pretty happy about it, too.

A best friend, whether a sister or not, isn't afraid to hurt your feelings; making someone happy isn't always in their best interest. But that's another post for another day.

So, Lisa, in honor of your birthday I'd like to sing you one of your favorite songs. Better yet, why don't I let these guys sing it for me? I love you!!

What about you? Tell me about your family.


Shan in Japan said...

I have a sister who is 14 months younger than me, too! I tried to cut her finger off when I was 2 and she was one. She tried to come into the bathroom when I was taking care of business. Apparently, I was not happy about that so closed the door-on her finger. She still has a scar. She left me standing in the rain in high school because she wanted to drive home even though it was clearly my turn to drive home. But, I, too, would not trade her for anything. She is definitely a best friend who won't and can't go away! Muwahahah!

jennyleigh said...

No sister, but it what a wonderful gift it would be to have such a beautiful relationship. And the video -- I've never seen that before. Amazing!

Rick the Polonian said...

I got stuck watching various Animaniacs videos for about 15 minutes because of that.


by the way, lots of family, all too crazy to mention in such a small forum.

But my brother used to tear off all of his sleeves; he saved them for winter, and asked mom to sew them back on.

Alison said...

First: the video is now showing to me as unavailable, so I missed the good stuff.

Second: I have a sister who is 8 1/2 months older than me. Now Stacy, I know your brain is going wild with thoughts on that one. She is adopted, and my parents brought her home the week my mom found out she was pregnant with me. You can imagine all the conversations THAT has created in our lives. We're 30 now, and it's still fun to see people's faces as they try to figure it out and still be polite about it.

Anyway, we were basically twins our whole lives, as we were in the same grade and did everything together. She is still my best friend, and I wouldn't know what to do without her. Plus, she has provided me with my wonderful niece and nephew, which scored her a few bonus points, as they are a million times cooler than her! I feel so blessed to have her in my life, and I constantly tell her how blessed she is to have me! :)

sara said...

I have two fantastic little brothers, both of whom are twice as big as me. We have what I have come to realize is a an odd relationship in this world. We have never really fought or had much sibling rivalry. We have always been super-close. And we figured out at a young age that it was much better to back each other up than to try to tattle on each other...we managed to talk Mom out of grounding each other on several occasions. Much more efficient than fighting!

Anyway, they are amazing men of God, and they know me better than anyone, maybe even my husband, in some ways. I am so blessed to have them!

Lois said...

I have 2 sisters & 2 brothers, but it is my younger sister...younger by 18 months...who has become that forever and bluntly honest friend to me.
Our bond was cemeted when I nearly killed her the week after she graduated from high school. Seriously, I ran over her with a tractor. Thankfully God had a plan to use that accident in both of our lives and one of the results has been a relationship that has endured and strengtened over the years. I seriously don't know what I'd do without her and I'd hate to have to find out.
And yeah, I laugh at her yesterday morning when she got stuck in the front seat of her van(she's nearly 8 months preggo).

p.s. pictures of my childhood are also very orange. I don't really remember it that color...but pictures can't lie, right?

Karen (KayKay) said...

I'm the oldest of three girls. Having sisters is the best! I have a son and two daughters. My girls love each other, but yes, they point and laugh before they help each other up as well.

Marni said...

I have a younger sister and an older brother. For this posting's purposes, I'll talk about my brother.

He has Down's Syndrome. He lives at home with my parents and functions on about an 8 year old level. He has the kindest heart and is so funny too!

When we were little, he used to want to pretend we were Gladys Knight and the Pips :) I was Gladys, and he was a Pip throwing down smooth dance moves as I sang "Midnight Train to Georgia". So I grow up and go off to college. And he would call me and say "Let's sing our song!!" so right there on the phone I'd sing, and on his end, he'd be dancing! Once my roomates were on to what was going on, they'd drop everything to come hear me sing and hear my brother yelling into the phone "I'm dancing! I'm dancing!" He did this about once a month and we all looked forward to it.

I've been out of the house for over 20 years now. I have a husband and two daughters of my own. And my sweet brother still calls me (sometimes I'm in the car and I get some seriously strange looks for other drivers) but no matter, I have to sing and he dances!!

Jordan said...

Wow! You two look SOOOO alike! (I bet you hate it when people say that to you! I know I do - I look nothing like my sisters, as far as I'm concerned.) I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me, and another who is 6 years younger.

Funny story about my littlest sister. She was born when I was in grade 1. Her name is Brooke, but, since I was so young, I couldn't remember that and always said Brock. I went to school telling my best friend that her name was Brock, earnestly thinking I was right, and we joked about how the name Brock sounded like Broccoli. When my friend went home she couldn't remember my new sister's name to tell her family, except that it was the name of a vegetable. She thought it was Celery, so told her mother that. Then her mother was stuck trying to figure out what name my friend must have been mistaking for Celery, and phoned that night to congratulate my mother on the birth of Celia (after thinking that must have been it!) Needless to say, I never forgot my sister's name was BROOKE again!

Also, thanks for the AWESOME video! You always have such great videos on this site - particularly loved the Evangelism Linebacker, and the Invisible Rope! (How great would a combination of all those videos be?! Scary awesome! =D)

Jordan said...

Oh, Marni! I LOVED your story about your brother! So sweet!

When I worked at Riding for the Disabled there were a few wonderful kids I had special things like that with, and you reminded me of them! Miss it so much! =(

Thanks again! God bless! =)

(Love your blog too, by the way, Marni!)

Charlotte said...

I have a mom who is a strong, godly woman, an autistic brother who I love to pieces, and a dad with which I have a somewhat dysfunctional relationship. Actually, we haven't talked to each other in a few months, but that's a long story.

Beth E. said...

I have a sister, 2 1/2 years younger than I. Love her to pieces, but she was a real busybody and tattle tale when we were young! A neighborhood boy and I decided we were going to dig to his yard...My sister started to leave, threatening to tell our mother. The boy and I put her in the hole and left her there! She managed to crawl out and tell on me and I got spanked. The boy was an only one to tell on HIM. He filled the hole with leaves. His dad fell in it a couple of days later and broke his ankle!

Tasty said...

Lisa rocks. The highschool picture is right around the time my dad thought you guys might be possessed.

You know my people: the day I was in a car wreck my senior year, my favorite pants got ruined with blood and pants-cutting. My brother (also 15 mos younger) bought me a replacement pair, and hung them in a bag on my bedroom door with a note that said, "I thought you needed these."

SirMax said...

I have a younger brother. He is actually 7 years and 9 months younger than me so you think YOU weren't happy about your new addition? I was the baby, only child, got everything I wanted until HE came into the world. I actually took him out of the crib and dropped him on the floor..on purpose. He always got on my nerves. Can't you just imagine a pesky 8 year old talking to your dates? I really didn't like having him around.

Now...I wouldn't trade him for anything. He lives about an hour and a half away so I don't see him as often as I would like but we have a great time when we get together.

Oh and I love the Animanics!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I have one brother and Mom always liked me best. At least that's what he always said, but then we were in the Smothers Brothers era. And I was the one who put the "fun" in "dysfunctional."

On a more serious note, Stacy, your post nearly brought me to tears because of the soft side to you we don't often see (but heck, I know it's there...). I would have loved to have a relationship like that with a sister. Perhaps just because I never did. Your words are really beautiful and I'll bet she's proud.

So can I be your other sister? Just stay away from my bassinette or I may have to take out your kneecaps.

teamstrand said...

my family...funny you should ask. when we get together we sing that very song. in a round. while eating fruit cake.

also, i have a brother that's not the brightest bulb in the house.

Sarah said...

Oh, my family is a ginormous thundering herd of various wacky creatures.... I have three older sisters, three younger sisters, three younger brothers and two older brothers.

We all get along pretty decently, especially now that we're older and more civilized. When we were kids, mealtimes were an issue (Sarah doesn't share food! Don't even bother trying to mooch a french fry, you'll lose fingers! Maybe an eye, too!) and there were the random occasions that we tried to kill each other with dares to ride our bikes off 6 foot homemade ramps. Word to the wise: having your bike fall on top of you after your pedal snags on a nail sticking out the top of your brother's homemade ramp isn't just purely adding insult to injury... it friggin hurts.

MR.MEARS said...

His name was Boing Boing and he rocked my world from the age of one to three. He wasn't quite family, but he was a really good listener. At one point in his life he was a stuffed animal -- a rabbit. By the time we took our vacation from southern California to visit our crazy relatives in Oklahoma, he wasn't even close to looking like a bunny anymore. one eye, half an ear, his tail looked like it had been shoved all the way up his bunny butt.

Boing Boing never made it back home. Somewhere in an Oklahoma field is a mound of dirt with BB buried underneath. My brother Chip thought he was dead and performed a funeral......

I don't speak to my brother

MR.MEARS said...

His name was Boing Boing and he rocked my world from the age of one to three. He wasn't quite family, but he was a really good listener. At one point in his life he was a stuffed animal -- a rabbit. By the time we took our vacation from Southern California to visit our crazy relatives in Oklahoma, he wasn't even close to looking like a bunny anymore. One eye, half an ear, his tail looked like it had been shoved all the way up his bunny butt. But like my Dad used to say, he was paid for and he was all mine.... or so I thought.

BB never made it back home. Somewhere in an Oklahoma field is a mound of dirt with B squared buried underneath. My brother Chip thought he was dead and performed a funeral......

I don't speak to my brother

teamstrand's brother said...

I wonder why my sister thinks I wouldn't read this and discover her snide comments. "not the brightest bulb in the house". That's cause I'm one of those energy saving bulbs...hence the excessive couch time.

Hey teamstrand...wanna play MouseTrap?

I love my sisters.