Monday, January 5, 2009

SFL State Of The Union Address

My fellow Stacy From Louisvillians,

Back in August I started SFL with two questions in mind. The questions were as follows:

1) Could I maintain a blog?

2) And if I could, would it be successful?

Well, kids, here we are starting the 6th month of Stacy From Louisville and those questions have been answered loud and clear. For some crazy reason there are plenty of you out there who apparently weren't getting your recommended daily allowance of sarcasm before I showed up. I find that tragic. In my mind I imagine you sitting behind a glaring computer screen contemplating doing something meaningful with your life. You nearly pined away, your mind reeling, "If only I could waste more of my employer's time or ignore my children for 10 more minutes!" I won't go as far as to say God answered your prayer but I will say God shows his love in the most unexpected ways. (Oh, if I could wink at you right now you know I would.)

Truth be told I've loved every minute of making you laugh. Your comments are fun to read. I've loved our contests - we've taken "free", "tacky", and "classless crap" to a whole new low. Oh yes, my mother is so very proud. Thank you for making the last 6 months an absolute blast. Thank you for commenting and for coming back time and again. This site would be nothing without you.

I'd like to update you on one story that's still being written: my grandmother's. As you may remember she had a heart attack a couple of months back. Not long after the heart attack she fell and broke her tailbone and got double lung phenomena. Currently she's in a nursing home. Mentally she's sharp as a tack but her body continues to deteriorate. Her blood pressure drops dangerously low without warning. She is in constant pain. In essence she's dying very slowly and we have been told there is nothing else that can be done for her. But because she is a believer I do not grieve as one without hope. When she leaves this life she will go from being in His hands to being in His presence. In the meantime, we pray. Thank you to all of you who still ask about her. Really, it means more than you know.

So here we are at 2009. I got me one big ol' bad-sass spatula to help spread internets love. It will be a blogtastical carnival of dizzying proportion. (Heads will whirl. Some might even puke.) But first I want to hear from you.

Take a second and consider your answer to these questions:

When you read a blog what are you looking for? And, in your opinion, what could I do to make the most of SFL?

Your opinion matters to me. So satisfy my curiosity and answer the questions already. (Please remember to leave all questions in the form of a compliment.)

Today especially I'm looking forward to hearing from you...


Joanna said...

When you read a blog what are you looking for?
If you manage to work out what people are looking for in a blog, please do let me know! As a blogger, i would find such info most useful.

And, in your opinion, what could I do to make the most of SFL?
Um..Keep being awesome?

I just got shoot as my word verification. I swear its a blogger conspiracy to take away my fun by giving me real words!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I look for entertainment and any escape from reality, if only for the time it takes to read a post. Don't change a thing - particularly the occasional "normal" person that comes out in your posts. You'll make us feel inadequate if we think you're rockin' in laughter and joy all the time.

With that, prayers here for your grandmother. Slow fades are oh, so hard.

Donna said...

When I read a blog, what am I looking for?

Confirmation I am not the only person that looks at the world sideways and finds it funny......

Making the most of SFL? Don't over analyze......just write it!!

vanilla said...

What am I looking for? Entertainment, enlightenment.
What can you do blah blah blah?
How could I presume to give advice to the Queen of Sass. I might get my legs cut off at the knees.
So take this advice anyway. Keep the good times comin'.

Donna Lawson said...

I'm a new reader, I came over from SCL. You had me at "Women's Ministry Teas." As for what I look for in a blog, I love to laugh. Keep me laughing and I'll put up with almost anything. I've enjoyed reading your past blogs. Thank you. As for my answer to what you can do to make the most of SFL, Keep it up.

fb said...

I, too, look for entertainment - a place to get away for a moment. But also love the moments of truth when they come. Just keep doing what you have been.

Helen said...

Stacy, we loved you as a commenter on SCL, and we love you as a blogger. You do not need to adjust to us. We love the sarcasm. We also love those moments where you open up your heart and your faith. Just blog what you are feeling.
I originally came to your blog to laugh at your sarcastic wit. I have grown to actually care about what you have to say. I am sure that I am not the only one. Just post whatever seems right for you at the time.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't change a thing. You are what I look for in a blog, sarcasm, sass and the occasional thoughtful post mixed in.

WV: Shoritie ~ Hey, shoritie, keep the sarcasm comin'!

Christy said...

I concur with what's been said already. You do a great job. Don't put undue pressure on yourself to try and please everyone, just write from the heart.

Soulful said...

I just recently found you and think you are fabulous just the way God made you and your blog - don't mess with greatness.

Your Grandmother and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Suport this campaigne please.

Gabrielle Eden said...

When I come to your blog, I am looking for your humor, but honestly, in searching the web, I keep looking for something that will lift me spiritually, lift me up to God, left me into the realm of the Holy Spirit, and that's very hard to find.

I find that those people who are living in that realm are working hard in places like Africa or Guatemala, bringing the gospel to people. They don't have time to put many entries in a blog.

I think that humor does help us, though, to keep above some ugly things, as long as we don't lose track of the serious reality that we're actually seeking as Christians.

I agree with Donna. Don't over-analyze. Just stay in tune with God in your spirit and know that what you're doing sets right with Him. Then what flows comes from the Spirit.

Peace to your Grandmother!

Beth E. said...

I enjoy your dry wit and sarcasm. I love a good laugh, and you've never let me down! :o)

I also enjoy the times we witness your more vulnerable, thoughtful, loving side . Sharing about your grandmother brought a little tear to my eye. Your little grandmother is in my prayers.

Shew, I'm laughing, I'm crying...I'm a mess! If your blog does all of that to your readers then you're making the most of your blog. :o)

Keep up the good work.

eastern ky pastor said...

What am I looking for? Fresh perspective, fearlessness, integrity, and openness are traits of blogs that I enjoy. A little humor tossed in does a body good.

improve SFL wash your mouth out for such heresy! Just be you and remember you don't have to hit a home run at every at bat. The State of our SFL Union is good - very good.

Teresa said...

My husband and I became faithful readers of your blog shortly after you started. We have loved every minute of it!!! You so eloquently put into words all of the sarcastic crap that we hold inside every single Sunday. When I am feeling down I know where I can get my dose of pants wetting laughter for the week! We all know that's the best kind.

SirMax said...

I am looking for something to keep my attention. I don't get much time online and I have a few blogs I've decided to follow. Found you at SCL and loved your comments.

I work in the Criminal Justice system so sarcasm can be a great stress reliever-love your wit!

Just keep blogging...

bman said...

What I look for in a blog is something that makes me actually want to comment. I'm new to this whole blogging thing too, and it's hard to write something that makes people comment back! But, you seem to do it with ease.
I also like to laugh. There's nothing like reading something funny, unless you're commenting on someone's blog and get "holygong" as your word verification like I just did!

Wow! What a win!

BeckeyZ said...

I want to leave a blog with a new outlook on life.

Okay, that's a lie. I just want to know that I'm not the only one that thinks the stuff you're bold enough to put into print.

I get all excited when I see you've posted, it must be the wit and rock at those!

Keep being real and I'll keep reading.

Marni said...

Thank you for the update on your grandmother. I don't ever hit your site or Facebook without thinking of her and sending up a prayer for you all.

When you read the blog, what are you looking for? I'm looking for that tough combination of thought provoking with humor. Just because we're Jesus freaks doesn't mean we have to be weenies and speak in all scripture. Mission accomplished with this site!

And in your opinion, what could I do to make the most of SFL? I'm not sucking up here. I honestly don't think you could do anything else because it's so great as is. And like our bud over at SCL, don't feel like you have to be funny. If God gives you a burden to share or a heavy topic to write on, go for it. I for one won't expect you to be funny 24/7.

You're awesome! Thanks for brightening my day with your posts. If I never meet you in this life, look a sista up when you get to Heaven. We'll go wrap houses or pants a disciple or something totally fun like that!

Stacy from Louisville said...


"Pants a disciple". Brilliant, but they wear togas and tunics are a one-piece garment.

heartafire said...

When I read blogs, which is every single day,[ and sometimes more than once a day], I am really looking for Christians who share the truth about their lives, and what they're thinking, and what they're learning. I really believe Christ often speaks to me through other believers, so the more I know, the better. Lots of great Christians on the internet.
So, that's it. I'm looking for Christians writing about Christianity.
And if they happen to be screamingly funny (as you sometimes are) all the better.

Julianna said...

When I read this blog I am looking for entertainment mixed with truth. You have a great balance that keeps me coming back.

To make the most, just keep it up!

I haven't been reading for too long, so I didn't know about your grandmother. Will definitely be praying for your family. That is so hard - bittersweet.

Raw Faith Real World said...

The blogs I enjoy the most are the ones that can be funny and entertaining but even more so share some common threads of truth related to things that I've been thinking about as well. I look for writers who will write about what's really going on with them and aren't afraid to wrestle with their own humanity and our common stupidness. :)