Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Has Descended at SFL Headquarters

As I type this there are 300+ brand new legos scattered all over my office floor.

An attempted art project is on the floor, too, but my daughter is in tears because she can't figure it out.

And somewhere in a CPA office across town, the man I love sits a little prouder today. He got Marvel Super Hero pajama pants from his son.

What about me? My mother gave me the jammiest jammies ever. They're fuzzy and have pink candy circle patterns. The top says "sweet" in big pink letters and has ruffled trim. Apparently I am turning 3 this Christmas.

All of that is to say we're in full-blown Christmas mode. My family came in Saturday. Tomorrow we leave to go to Florida for 10 days. When time allows I will write shorter, SFL style posts until after Christmas day. Then we'll get back to business.

But for today I'm enjoying some undivided time with my family. You go do the same.


Marni said...

Great idea! I promised my 8 year old we'd fill thermo's full of hot chocolate, load up in the car as a family, and go look at Christmas lights tonight. Her anticipatory face was my first gift of this Christmas season :)

Be safe traveling and have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Sweet baby Jesus and I love you and your blog :)

Stacy from Louisville said...

Thanks Marni! You're the bestest!

Beth said...

Gotta clean for the crew coming in But then it's fun family times! Have a great Christmas!

Stacy from Louisville said...

Same to you Beth! Or, Apple Girl.

Becoming Me said...

Oh a good pair of PJ's are the best gift! Merry CHristmas to you!!

Beth E. said...

Just getting to know you via your blog, and I'm enjoying every post! I hope you and your family have an awesome time in Florida. I've heard the weather will be awesome. Merry Christmas!

Another Beth