Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Contest Winners Deb and Karen

Deb & Karen, runners up for the photo caption contest, I need your addresses. My in box was wiped out by mistake. The mistake being that I am a moron. Thanks. (


Prodigal Jon said...

I don't know Deb and Karen, but I'm opening up a pile of birthday cards because you are an awesome friend and got people to send me a bunch.

Thanks Stacy!

WV: Butice
What you have to sit on after you fall down.

"Has anyone seen my butice? I fell down earlier today.

Karen said...

I'll email ya!

WV: givokag

That gift that you open from an obscure relative from an in-law that you try so hard not to laugh at you end up gagging as you thank them kindly for the sweater shaver shaped like the Virgin Mary.