Monday, November 24, 2008

Stuff Stacy Likes for Christmas - What do you like?

(All links are now in working order thanks to Dan, my tech savvy husband. And no. You can't have him for Christmas. Don't ask.)

On Friday, November 28 all of hades will unleash it's occupants. They will assemble at places like Wal-Mart and Target with crazed looks in their eyes. No matter the temperature they will line up at the doors at 3 a.m. If you think their breath is showing just because it is 5 degrees below zero, think again. It's the smoke and sulfur from the bowels of hell coming up from their lungs. And when the store opens it's doors the onslaught of demon-possessed, WWF educated individuals will push, shove, trample, and swear their way through the first official day of the Christmas shopping season. I am, of course, talking about the day after Thanksgiving.

I must admit, there's a rush that comes with all the insanity. That's why this year my daughter and I are hitting Berean Christian Stores at 7 a.m. for Webkinz for a penny. I just explained the whole concept to her. "You're going to sleep in sweats and at 5:45 I'm going to come get you out of bed. It will still be dark and kind of in the middle of the night. I'll buy you hot chocolate at Starbucks. Even if it's so cold you want to cry we're lining up outside the door as soon as we get there. You may hate it but if you want one you're coming with me. UNDERSTAND?" Perhaps this is a bit extreme. Aren't we talking about a Christian book store? Well, I ask you this: Have you ever seen an angry Christian? I know that's difficult to imagine, but think hard. The only difference between an angry Christian and an angry non-believer on the day after Thanksgiving is asking for forgiveness after swearing for jumping in line. You know it's true. (Probably because you and I shared choice words in the Kohl's sweater department Christmas of '06. I want you to know my daughter loves that snow globe I yanked out of your cart. And yes, it was worth it. Please forgive me.)

So, in my effort to keep you away from my Berean Webkinz sale, I have assembled a list of some of my favorite Christmas gifts. Most are available on-line so I'll give you a link whenever I can.

Stuff Stacy Likes For Christmas 2008

Toby Mac - Alive And Transported
This live CD/DVD combo are everything you love about Toby Mac and more. If you've never seen Toby Mac live he's amazing. The CD and DVD capture the essence of his music and ministry - it's electric and passionate. My personal favorites are "Lose My Soul" (with American Idol's Mandisa), "Gone","Irene" and some old school "In The Light" and "Jesus Freak". Seriously excellent. Also available in an MP3 download. ..."I say 'Diverse', ya'll say 'City'!"....

Electronic Wireless High Frequency Key Finder
I could lose my keys in the ignition. My husband would say the solution is to be more dedicated to putting things away. Well, I love him, but we all know that's not gonna happen. Four different color coded receivers will beep when the main remote's coordinating button is pushed. A loud beep from 60-80 feet penetrates walls, couch cushions, toy boxes, etc. 2 receivers are key chains, 2 are flat for say, a wallet, or to attach to the TV remote. Or your 12 month old when he learns to walk. I do not own this but I am asking for it this year. It's worth $40 to not be late because I can't find my keys. Or my computer monitor. I HATE when that happens.

MyPublisher PhotoBook (This will take you to their site for a buy one, get one free book!)
THIS is the gift that everyone will love! I have done two books - a trip to Disney World (400+ pictures plus narrative text) and a trip to Florida (about 70 photos with captions only) - and given them away. Such quality! The photo clarity and professional binding are exceptional. Be as creative or as minimal in design as you like. The programs are easy to follow, worth your time and fun. So reasonably priced, too. You'll want to do one every year. This is my favorite gift on the list. Here's a page from my Disney book.

Shoebox Greatest Hits & Misses
If you like sarcastic, hysterical, "I can't believe you just said that" humor, this is the book for you! The coffee table book is 229 pages of Shoebox greeting cards. They are insanely funny! The format is very relaxed, the illustrations come from the actual cards, and the writers of the cards make funny notes about the creative process. But the best thing about this book is sharing it. When I purchased it 2 years ago I started getting it out when friends came over, with the condition they had to sign their name below the their favorites. This is great for a group of girlfriends. Can be found on-line and in Hallmark Stores.

We all know Christmas gifts come and go. Here's one that will make a lasting Kingdom difference. World Vision has a spectacular Christmas gift giving program. For nearly any price range (there are gifts less than $30) you can purchase a gift for a needy family in the world. Then, World Vision will send you a card to give to the recipient, for example, "In your name, 2 chickens were given to a poverty stricken family in Haiti. These chickens will provide nutrition and income through egg production..." Gift options include clothing, animals, emergency supplies, seeds, farming tools and education... Through the link you can have the gift catalogue sent to your home. What a way to get little ones involved.

Of course, none of these gifts may be to suit your taste. If that's the case, there's always every one's favorite holiday movie. So good luck with that.

What gifts do you suggest for Christmas? What's missing from my list? Name them and leave a link if possible.

(Special thanks to my friend, Stacey!)


Beth said...

We have done the World Vision gift catalogue thing in the past and plan to let our kids pick out something this year! Whenever I start getting a little grumpy because I don't have the money I'd LIKE to have to buy big beautiful gifts for everyone...all I have to do is flip through the pages of this catalogue and things are put into perspective. Thanks for suggesting it to others!

On the same line of thought, I used to work at a youth center for kids in poverty and there's a lot of kids in the US who appreciate having something to open for might not see their faces first hand, but I had the privilege of giving a lot of gifts out and there was nothing more fun. Be encouraged that your donations are appreciated more than you can imagine!

Annie K said...

Yes, I've been an 'angry Christian' and I had a few leave comments on my blog this week. U.G.L.Y. No Christian bookstore shopping the day after Thanksgiving for me! Online is where it's at and is my friend. Seriously, I love free shipping.

(btw, I love your sarcasm and have been accused of having huge amounts of it myself...)

Mella DP said...

I'm giving my college roommate and her hubby a flock of honeybees from Heifer International.

Myself, I'm MAJORLY hoping to find Math Scrabble under the tree.

stacie said...

Your "angry Christian" comment made me think back to my growing up days when our family would attend a national conference made up of the churches in our "brotherhood."

It was (and still is) a really cool conference, but the part that always cracked me up was the way everyone treated each other AFTER the evening worship session ended.

Oh we were all great buddies until...the shuttle buses arrived. Yes, someone in charge provided buses (school buses, church buses, city buses) to take convention-goers from various hotels to the convention center and back. There were always plenty of buses, but heaven forbid that you might have to wait 15 minutes for the next one to arrive!

People would be standing in little groups chatting along the sidewalks until someone would shout that the next bus was in sight. And then you could just stand back and watch as pastors and other leaders, men and women of God, would begin to (politely at first) maneuver strategically near the curb, some even running alongside the bus until it came to a complete stop. Once the bus stopped, people began clamoring around the door, pushing to get in. Seriously.

It was like you see in the movies where there's one chopper left heading out of the country before the war descends into chaos and everyone dies.

All to be first to meet your friends at the nearest Denny's and not have to stand in line.

I'm quite sure there were "words" exchanged. (And forgiveness asked for later.) Christians are fun that way. :-)

Christy said...

My husband actually suggested that he and I go shopping this Black Friday. I looked at him and said, "Are you CRAZY?!"

Rob said...

I actually have the keychain beeper and I love it!! I'd forget my butt if it wasn't attached, so this little gem has saved me hours of retracing my steps to find my keys in my my pocket just beeps!!

sonneta said...

Prince Caspian DVD- Because Christians love Narnia.

Bella DVD- A heartwarming Christian movie.

Let it snow, baby...let it reindeer CD from Relient K- Got to love a fun take on Christmas favorites.

sara said...

I think I have lost my keys in the ignition. My ability to lose my keys is a running joke among all my old roommates as well as for everyone who goes to my church, whom I had praying for my keys a few weeks ago when I lost them for nearly a week in the church. (Found them in the food pantry.)

I need that key locator thing. Thanks for the suggestion!

Rick the Polonian said...

My favorite (I just got it today for my birthday)

Everyone's favorite Caffeinated Soap!

Shower Shock Caffeinated Bar Soap

Until recently, I was totally unaware that caffeine absorbs through the skin. Now I can relish this information as I soak up more than a RedBull's worth of caffeine in one peppermint scented delightful shower session!

Also, I *heart* everything else on the thinkgeek website. I am a super dork.

Alison said...

Maybe I'm missing something here....but am I the only one that finds it completely ironic that a key finding device comes ready to add to a keychain????

Alison said...

Nevermind...I'm just a moron!

Marni said...

I was seriously pumped when I got my World Vision catalog and I'm so glad you are spreading the word. Atta girl!

I have only been shopping on black Friday ONCE in my life. It was last year, and truthfully it wasn't so bad. But my sweet friend Sherrie, a dear Christian woman, called me from her cell phone last year on black Friday all excited because DVD players were on sale at Target for $25. She was asking if I wanted one. The conversation went like this...

"Hey girl, it's Sherrie. Listen, I'm here at Target and they have DVD players for 25 bucks so I'm getting each of the kids their own and thought you might want one...hang on, some lady is pushing me. Excuse me ma'am, I don't think it's necessary for you to push. There's plenty here. Okay, sorry, so, do you want me to get...hang on. SERIOUSLY ma'am, you don't need to push!! What did you just call me?? OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT TO ME (sounds of scuffling and muted, yet angry word) Um, Marni, I'm gonna need to call you back. You might wanna pray for this #$%&* that just pushed me because she's about to need prayer". Click.

We STILL just howl when we recount the story. Only black Friday could bring out the ire of a sweet hearted Sunday school teacher like that.

Marni said...

Oh yeah, and my gift suggestion is Wii Fit. Oh my heck is it fun and it gets a middle aged mommy like me to put down the remote and work out while giggling with my family all the while.

eireann said...

i seriously need a keychain beeper. dh has threatened to get me one for years and i don't know why he hasn't yet.

i also seriously need a garmin nuvi 200, in pink of course. i would kindly share it with dh if he wanted. i could get lost trying to find the bathroom in my own house.

i am also coveting (oooooh, bad christian!) a zap electric scooter in sky blue, but hubby said no because i'm pregnant. i think the $3500 price tag had more to do with it than the babe, but that was the excuse he used, as if it might show up under the tree otherwise.

i think he just doesn't realize how cute and awesome a hugely pregnant lady would look zipping and zapping down the street to work on her sky blue electric scooter.

eastern ky pastor said...

if only the electronic finder worked on lapsed Church members....

i know a lot of folks are doing this whole word verification thing, but seriously my wv is "worse" as in there may not be a worse response than mine

Raw Faith Real World said...

Ok I LOVE the photo books idea. That opened up whole new creative ideas for Christmas this year. I also love doing the world vision thing, but most of my friends would just be aggravated that some poor kid got their gift, so I normally get one of my friend's kids involved and do it as an extra thing in their name.

As to the angry christian thing... I ran a Christian bookstore for awhile and I was amazed at how grumpy and testy people could be... which of course made me bound and determined to make them laugh before leaving the store.