Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Men of Jesus, Part II

I read all your comments. Today this one struck me.

According to Rick the Rick the Polonian:
They need one for "Mr. We are Best Friends Though We Haven't Met Let Me Give You a Supermassive Bear Hug Church Greeter Guy"

This one if from another church. Here you go...

Mr. Hand Out The Bulletins And Say Good Morning to People Guy


Beth said...

Man, where are the funny people at MY church that make videos?

If I only knew how to work a camera...

teamstrand said...

you aren't saying we can't be BFFs just because we haven't met, are you?

teamstrand said...

and furthermore, we here in Botno have been so into reliving the real men of genius commercials...it is like we've met...or were separated at birth. :)

Raw Faith Real World said...

At most of the churches I worked at it was the pastor who greeted people who had been going there for years like they never met them before... yikes. Not an endearing trait.

And at several of those churches the bear hugging was delegated to the assistant pastor... one had great technique... he would give them the squeeze and pump handshake with the right hand and to in for the kill with the illusive smothering bear side hug with the other at the same time. It was a kind of true church art.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Dear Stacey,

I am new to your blog and fairly new to SCL. My first reaction to SCL was, how is he so successful? Look at all the comments! Look at all the people coming to his blog. Look at my measly blog. Sulk sulk. But now I am realizing that the concern is over what will happen if I get sucked into blogs such as his, and now yours.

The humor of this kind of post is sort of lost on me, because it is saying that the church is so boring and the people who volunteer are so pathetic and what they do is so rote and meaningless that we should laugh at it. Man, looking at your post before this one, I can only say that in my corner of the world, my cry regarding my church is, "if only we had one over-emotional worship leader! If only we had one long prayer!"

I am also dragging through the drudgery of complacency and feelings left over from battle scars - asking is this real? Is the church thing real? What are we doing?

I'm just not so sure the solution is making fun of people who are trying, who are making an effort in the kingdom of God is going to solve anything.

I don't mean this in a judgmental way - I'm jsut saying, apart from praying quietly for you and others who comment, I thought I'd put in my two cents worth.

We all need a Major renewal by the Holy Spirit - I'm including myself!